Kobushi Judo Club welcomes new members from the age of around six upwards. We meet at Kingswood Community Association every  Wednesday evening  (6:30-8pm) and, we welcome new members but suggest you contact one of our senior instructors before coming along to get more information.


We welcome new Primary (6-9), Junior (10-15) and Senior (16+) members. A particular feature of our club is that all ages can train at the same time, this is ideal if parents and children want to give this new sport a try together. We also welcome existing Judoka either moving into the area, looking for additional mat time or those returning after a break.

Please note that we ask parents of children under the age of 8  to initially stay and watch for the duration of each training session until the new member has settled in.

logoWhat is Judo ?

Judo is a discipline with its roots in the Japanese martial arts (Budo).  Professor Jigaro Kano created it around 1870 in Japan.  He extracted relatively safe techniques (throws holds, arm-locks, chokes and strangles) from the more dangerous art of Jujitsu, taught break-falling, and formed them into a comprehensive sport which he called Judo ("the gentle way").

Judo has a deep and lasting beneficial effect on the physique and psychology of children.  It channels aggression and, because of the close-contact nature of the sport, teaches respect for one's fellow participants.  The benefits of Judo training may be defined as "The Seven S's of Judo": Skill, Strength, Suppleness, Speed, Stamina, Self-Confidence and Self-Discipline. 


logoWhat You Will Learn as a Beginner 

Safety is basic to Judo.  First you will learn to fall without injury - "break-falling".  You cannot throw or be thrown without being able to do a "break-fall".  Beginners will also learn the basics of throws and grappling techniques. Above all judo is Great Fun. It is important to remember that Judo is a close contact sport and whilst we always endeavour to ensure the safety of all members there remains a risk of injury.





All members starting with the club will be required to complete a club membership form.  The first night is free, following which any new member will be required to pay an initial payment of £10.00.  This payment will cover your second training session and includes a Provisional Club Membership and Provisional Membership to the BJC.

Provisional Club Membership will last for a period of 3 months following which you will need to take out Full Club Membership which includes a Full BJC Licence which must be renewed on an annual basis. Provisional Club Membership will not enable you to grade or take part in any events other than those held at this club.  Full Club Membership can be applied for through any of the club instructors.  See the Licences page under the Members Area of this website for further information



logoJudo Suits

After 4-6 weeks of regular attendance, beginners will be requested to obtain a Judogi (Judo Suit).  There are a number of Sports Shops locally that sell Judo suits.  It is of the utmost importance that you purchase a Judogi (Judo Suit) and not a Karate Suit.  The club has an account with a specialist Martial Arts company called Blitz.  This means that we can purchase excellent quality suits at a reduced rate.