Licences & Membership

BJC Licences and Application Form

All members joining the club after the initial free session  will be required to pay an initial payment of £10.00. This payment will cover your second training session and includes Provisional Membership to the British Judo Council (BJC)

Provisional Club Membership will last for a period of 3 months following which you will need to take out Full Club Membership which includes a Full BJC Licence which must be renewed on an annual basis.  Provisional Club Membership will not enable you to grade or take part in any events other than those held at this club.  Full Club Membership can be applied for through any of the club instructors.

As a result of policy changes by our governing body we are not allowed to let any members on the mat unless they hold a current Full or Provisional Licence which forms part of your Club Membership.  As a result we will now be renewing all Full Club Memberships on 1 January each year.  This will not affect the actual renewal date of your BJC Licence, but will enable the Club Instructors to know that all Licences are in date for the coming year.  If you do not renew your Club Membership and you allow your BJC Licence to lapse you will be unable to train at this club until any renewal fees are paid.  We will not automatically be renewing Club Membership.  We do not wish to prevent members from training, but due to several previous members not paying for their Club Membership renewal we will now only renew Club Memberships when we have either full payment or a completed Standing Order.

Licence Cost and Application

The costs for the Provisional Club Membership is detailed above.  Full Club Membership which includes the cost of your Full British Judo Council Licences, which need to be, renewed on an annual basis, is £27.00 (including insurance) for New Junior Members and £32.00 (including insurance) for New Senior Members, Club Membership Renewal which includes the cost of the renewal of your BJC Licence cost £24.00 and £27.00 respectively. The costs are reviewed annually by Kobushi Judo Club so as to reflect any increases implemented by the British Judo Council Head Office during the year.

To apply for a Provisional or Full Club Membership you will need to complete an application form. These are available from any instructor on a club night or email on of our instructors.